What Makes a Legendary VA?


These days, computer literacy rivals that of traditional literacy. Anyone can send a file using Google Drive. Anyone can perform “research” using the vast power of the internet. And anyone can book a dog’s grooming appointment.

What makes a Legendary Virtual Assistant (VA) special is that they go the extra mile, taking into consideration all the details that most assistants neglect. After all, the entire point of an assistant is to keep track of the details so that you can focus on what you do best.

The highest paid VA’s are the ones that do more than just accomplish tasks; they effectively position themselves as an advocate to your business and/or personal life. This means having a service mentality combined with a willingness to learn from you and grow with you. Over time, these legendary VA’s get to know your goals as well as, or even better than, you do.

Imagine having a dedicated assistant who truly wants you to succeed.

Having an advocate for your goals is priceless. The best VA’s understand that the route to their own greatest success and happiness is through a service-oriented mentality. It not only allows them to sharpen their skills and bolster their professional relationships, but it puts them into a position where they can add increasing value to the client. This is important because, as every successful businessperson knows, value is a direct route to compensation…not the other way around.

The best VA’s, therefore, are long-term, business-minded professionals that are focused on goals and outcomes instead of merely the day-to-day grind. They add value across the board, identifying new ways to free your time and expand your presence in the market.

When you find an assistant that fits this description, the worst thing you can do is pinch pennies.

In fact, do the opposite. Treat them like gold.

The internet gives people the illusion that it’s easy to find good help. It’s not. Trust us, we unfortunately reject over 90% of the people who apply to be Legends® VA’s because they don’t live up to our core definition of a Legendary Virtual Assistant.

Our VA’s are more than just task-doers, they’re service-minded visionaries who are highly skilled in a variety of unique areas. But, most importantly, they care.

All you have to do is talk to them for five minutes and you’ll see right away what makes our virtual assistants special. Don’t expose your business to risk by hiring any old virtual assistant with “Microsoft Office proficiency.”

Contact Legends VA today and we’ll set you up with a like-minded professional who’s perfect for your unique situation.

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