Why is a Virtual Assistant better than an in-house Executive assistant?

By Katy Boyle, CEO

More often than not when speaking to potential clients, I get asked the same question: “Why is a Virtual Assistant better than an in-house Executive/Personal assistant?”

My answer is a simple one. A Virtual Assistant can perform all the same duties and tasks that an in-house assistant can, but for a fraction of the cost and without any overhead. While this is perplexing to many, allow me to explain.

Think about the types of tasks that in-house assistants complete regularly – printing and collating a presentation, picking up dry cleaning, getting lunch for an important client meeting . . . the list goes on. Virtual Assistants can accomplish these same tasks by adapting the task slightly, while still completing the same end-goal. The VA can send the presentation to a local print shop, facilitate the production of the presentations, and have a courier deliver them to the office. Instead of the VA physically picking up the dry cleaning, they can find the best dry cleaner in the city with free pickup and delivery to coordinate the clothes being dropped off when the client is home. A multitude of services in large cities can deliver any type of food you can imagine, and the VA can easily place the order and provide payment.

There are services that allow you to accomplish all of this and more at the same price or less.

While it may not be the way you’d think about the task being accomplished initially, the result is the same; your presentations are printed, your dry cleaning is delivered, and your lunch arrives hot and ready. These are but a few examples of the ways in which Virtual Assistants continue to astound me with their resourcefulness, efficiency, and ingenuity.

Because your Virtual Assistant is not a formalized employee of your organization, there are no overhead costs to cover. Healthcare, retirement benefits, expense reimbursement, and even desk space are all costly items that you become responsible for when you hire a full-time employee that are not in play when working with a Virtual Assistant.

With a salaried, full time assistant you must pay them, even if there’s no work to be done. VA’s work on an hourly retainer basis, so you only pay for the hours you need. Many entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and startup teams do not need full time assisting – 30 or 40 hours per month accomplishes all their needs. By removing the extra overhead costs that come with hiring a full time (or even part time) in-house assistant, it leaves more room in the budget for actual work to be done.

I firmly believe that anyone, anywhere can benefit from having a Virtual Assistant. Whether it’s reminding you to buy an anniversary present for your spouse, scheduling a board meeting, planning your next business trip, or “picking up” your dry cleaning, you’ll be pleasantly surprised the efficiency that a Virtual Assistant can provide to you, your family, and your organization.

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