The Virtual Assistant Revolution

By Katy Boyle, CEO

Virtual assistants have been a hot topic over the past three months. Startups near and far are leveraging virtual workers to maximize their productivity without sacrificing their budget. Founders, C-level Executives, and busy Entrepreneurs are increasingly understanding just how valuable their time is. The busiest, most productive people have already awakened to the fact that having an assistant can drastically aid their business goals by freeing them up to work on the business, and not in it. But in just the last few years, technology has afforded personal assistants the capability of doing almost any task from their own home offices–truly the dawning of a Virtual Revolution.

Following the overnight collapse and restructure of Zirtual in August, the concept of Virtual Assistants has begun to permeate the dialogue of how to run a successful startup, and how to get the help you need when you need it. Zirtual provided highly skilled, trained, and qualified administrative professionals to the clients that needed them at a fraction of the cost that it would normally cost to hire part-time help. All across the United States, and the world, business owners and entrepreneurs began to utilize Zirtual’s service, only to be surprised and let down when the company collapsed mid-August due to poor financial planning and mismanagement of resources.

What happened next was amazing: the majority of Virtual Assistants who were employed with Zirtual ventured out as independent contractors, taking their clients and skills into business for themselves. They approached the daunting task as any VA would; they researched, made calls, did some more research, filled out paperwork, created contracts, did even more research, and set up accounting tools to legitimize their businesses and set themselves up for success. When Zirtual (which had been acquired by came back with lofty promises and 1099-Contractor agreements, the now-independent VA’s were wary to return. Yet many did go back to Zirtual, for one simple reason: they’re Virtual Assistants, not Business Development professionals. They didn’t know the first thing about generating business or finding new clients.

That’s where we stepped in. Dustin Rusbarsky, another former ZA, and I got together to figure out how we can showcase these VA’s to a reliable source of interested clients. Teaching them how to effectively communicate with potential clients became increasingly important. Meanwhile, Dustin and myself position ourselves on the front line, helping clients to understand the vast benefits of hiring one of our top-notch, vetted assistants. They’re more than just assistants–they’re like virtual mercenaries that you hire when you want a skilled advocate who will forward your goals in life.

We realized that many VA’s were having issues with new client acquisition primarily because the market is in flux and highly disheveled in regards to skillsets. Not all VA’s are created equally: some have the raw, natural talent it takes to be a great virtual assistant, and some clearly did not. We very quickly decided to vest our interests in the best, and only the best: virtual assistants that had impeccable track records, skills beyond reproach, and incredibly happy clients who can’t live without them.

Dustin and I imagined a better way to help the Virtual Assistants in our network, and the world, find great clients who needed long-term, dedicated support from the best virtual assistants the web has to offer. We scoured our networks and eventually compiled an inventory of the best VA’s out there. Every day we work on developing creative ways to help get VA’s noticed and in front of the busy clients who need their help. We work with each VA one-on-one to polish and develop their skills, helping them to be the best VA’s they can be…in a word, to be legendary.

Legends Virtual Assistance, born like a phoenix from the ashes, officially launches on Monday, November 16th. We’re so excited, and we hope you are too.