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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things can a Virtual Assistant do?

While each Virtual Assistant offers different skills and specialties, you can expect your VA to be an administrative god. They can do everything a traditional, in-house assistant can accomplish...the only difference is you aren’t responsible for any overhead (HR costs, workspace, etc.).

Why should I choose Legends to match me with a Virtual Assistant?

Legends Virtual Assistance was founded by two Best-in-Class Virtual Assistants who wanted to offer an easy way for clients to get connected with highly skilled and reliable VA's. The Legends team has a combined 20+ years experience in the administrative, virtual work, and executive assistant industries. We know the business better than anyone, because we’ve all been a Virtual Assistant and understand the value and aid that a VA can provide to a potential client. Our team brings that level of dedication, as well as our knowledge and experience, to Legends to help clients find the VA’s they didn’t know they needed.

How much does getting matched with a Virtual Assistant cost?

Our matches start at $250 and go up from there. We’re not going to nickel and dime you for months on end - simply pay a one-time fee and we’ll match you with the Virtual Assistant best suited to your business.

How long does the entire process take?

From the time your matching fee is paid, we aim to get you matched and set up with your VA in under one week.

Will I be able to interview potential candidates?

Yes! We encourage clients to interview the recommended VA’s prior to deciding which one to proceed with. We’ll even help you schedule the interviews!

How secure is having a virtual assistant?

In a word: extremely. All of our VA's have undergone extensive cyber security training that includes the proper protocol for obtaining, using, and storing sensitive data. Our assistants rely on special security applications to store such information, and all data is destroyed once it's no longer needed. Clients typically feel comfortable trusting our VA's with their personal information, including credit card information, social security numbers, and sensitive documents. All NDA's and risk-associated agreements are welcome!

What happens once I choose my Virtual Assistant?

Once you select your Virtual Assistant, you and will sign the VA's own contract-of-service. Legends will happily provide guidance on how to structure your relationship with the VA moving forward.

What happens if the match isn't right, or I need more hours my current VA can't support?

If the match with your VA isn’t 100% perfect, or you need to add more monthly hours that the VA can’t support, we’ll happily rematch you free of charge for up to 60 days from the initial match. If you need to be re-matched after more than 60 days, additional fees may apply.

Are Legends Virtual Assistants employees of Legends® VA?

No, each VA is an independent business owner that has been hand-selected by the Legends Team for being “Best in Class”. We carefully screen our VA’s prior to inviting them into Legends to ensure that only the highest quality VA’s fill our ranks.

How much do Legends Virtual Assistants charge for their services?

While each VA sets their own hourly rates, our VA’s on average work for $25/hour. Each VA is welcome to set their own pricing and offer discounts as they see fit.

If my Virtual Assistant messes up a task that costs me money, who is liable for damages?

As our Virtual Assistants are independent contractors and are not Legends employees, Legends is not liable, financially or otherwise, for the actions or mistakes of our Virtual Assistants. But we will help to make it right.

Who are the Legends® Team Members?
  • • Katy Boyle, CEO & Founder
  • • Dustin Rusbarsky, Founder & CTO
  • • David Spotts, Founder & CMO
  • • Deborah Mauldin, VA Support Lead
  • • Rachel Crice, Social Media Guru