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Highly Skilled, Trained, and Vetted

Welcome to the best of the best. We at Legends stand by our Virtual Assistants as growth-minded professionals who are deeply and passionately committed to their craft. Let us help you find the perfect VA for you. Click the button below and tell us what you need:

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Our VA's are seasoned to the point where they've pretty much seen everything. Their experience allows them to respond to tasks quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to work on the things that matter most.

We thoroughly vet our candidates by gathering copious application materials, performing individual interviews, and making sure their skills have checked out with the clients they've worked with. We then collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we find the perfect match.

What Can’t They Do!?

Our VA's are trained on business protocol, including proper email and calendaring etiquette. They also have extensive experience with the latest and most powerful tools and web apps. Legends' VA's are 100% comfortable adapting to the client's unique preferences, including necessary technology, processes, and procedures. I think you'll be surprised at just how much our virtual assistants can do:

  • Scheduling, Multiple Calendar Management
  • Email Organization, Receipts, Bookkeeping
  • Travel Research, Flights, Reservations, and Full Itineraries
  • Complex Data Entry & Analysis; Transcription
  • File Conversions, Docs/Spreadsheets/Presentations
  • Social Media Platform Management
  • Full-Scale Web Development & Subscriber-Based Marketing
  • Professional Book Publishing; Editing; Cover Design; Graphics
  • Paid Product Launches & Promotional Campaigns
  • Project Management & Assisting Teams
  • Reception & Outbound Phone Calls (International too!)


If you are a virtual assistant and you'd like to become a Legends® VA, please click here to apply.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're someone who has worked with a VA before or you're completely new to the concept of virtual assistance, we can help you identify all the creative, hidden ways in which a VA can save you time, hassle, and even money! Contact us to learn more.

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Things to consider when hiring your VA:

  • Anticipated # of weekly hours you need help.
  • What type of communication style you prefer.
  • Location of the VA / Timezone (if relevant).
  • Do you need support with Apple products?
  • Will you require weekend or holiday support?


These questions and more are exactly how your Concierge Adviser will ensure that you're matched with a spectacular VA who suits your unique preferences. Contact us to get started today!


Special Projects Welcome!

If you need project-based support, we can create a custom game plan to help you knock it out in a timely fashion. We'll help you and your assistant come up with a project scope and outline. We'll even assist with setting up the agreement and legal framework in which all terms are thoroughly addressed.

Should you have any other needs you'd like to discuss, or questions you'd like to ask, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!